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ObjednavkaDOPRAVY – šetříme čas nás všech - OrderTRANSPORT.eu
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Info line +420 608 705 000

OrderTRANSPORT.eu - complex system of orders for freight


1. Login
2. Entering
3. Sending
4. Confirming recipient
5. Document of confirmation
6. Firms
7. Recommendation

1. Login: To log into the application, use the same login information what you have in the system Spedition3000.com (Your email + password). In case you have forgotten your password, you can get a new password here, or make a new registration. Ordering system can be used without logging in, but only logged in users can utilize all the capabilities of the system.

2. Entering: simply enter the carrier, cargo specification, date and time of loading - unloading, price, maturity, with the option to enter the language translation for foreign customers.

3. Sending: After completing the form, just one click on ObjednavkaDOPRAVY.cz to send the order to recipients in PDF and HTML (simple email), it is also shown in new window in PDF format for printing. Issued order is saved in the Order issued and it can work: repair, copy, re-print, or cancel it. (unlogged user has yet to authorize sending the order by clicking on the link that was sent to his email)

 ObjednavkaDOPRAVY.cz  ObjednavkaDOPRAVY.cz

4. Confirming recipient: recipient confirms receipt of the order by one click on the link in the email. Order is also stored in your menu Orders received.


5. Order Confirmation at the sender: sender receives an email from the recipient that the order was confirmed by displaying the time and date. Confirmation will also appear in the table sent orders.


6. Firms: list of registered companies (circa 3500 users), including details such as copies of documents (tax ID, cargo insurance, EURO licenses ...)


7. Recommendation: you can ask your well-known companies to recommend you to other users. Recommendations can also be removed for the companies that has ceased to perform its contractual or financial obligations etc. The evaluation is displayed beside the name of the company. Based on the recommendations, you can inform on a particular company from users, who recommended her.


We hope that we willl make your work easier, save time and help to improve the work in the field of freight transport.

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January 1, 2015, We launched a new application

OrderTRANSPORT.eu - complex system of orders in freight transport

"save time of all of us"

Application description

Quick registration and login. Clear and simple form filling. Automatic creation of PDF and HTML orders, sending and printing. Immediate display of orders placed in your menu. Order Confirmation in one click. Archiving of received orders, including confirmation of receipt. The menu COMPANY overview of the companies and the opportunity to download important documents. Possibility to verify the soundness of the company in the menu RECOMMENDATIONS who works with whom, and an opportunity to provide a reference. Saved documents (insurance, tax ID, ...).

This feature is only available to logged-in user